Choosing the right crystal

If you are new to starting crystals or even if you have a whole collection at home, choosing the right crystal can sound quite daunting especially when there are so many to choose from. When choosing crystals there is no right or wrong way, you could choose a crystal based on its uniqueness, colour, shape or even based on their properties.

Personally, my favourite crystal is Amethyst and I have always felt it was because my favourite colour is purple and because Amethyst had so many rainbows included. Once receiving my first Amethyst, I then looked it up and realised it was a crystal that I specifically needed at that point in time. I then realised I was so drawn to Amethyst, that every crystal shopping experience resulted in Amethyst, Amethyst and too be sure, more Amethyst. Although, since expanding my understanding of crystals and changing mentally, I have phased out and have been drawn to a variety of other crystals that I so happen to need at this point in time, although I still love amethyst and will collect Amethyst, other crystals, such as Moss Agate, Fluorite, Kambaba Jasper and even Pink Amethyst have caught my eye, and when doing the research, these crystals are what I need for this point in time.

So personally, I do believe the crystals choose you! and to some extent, I do advise that you research and familiarise yourself with the properties of the crystals, but I also advise you to go into your crystal shop with no expectations. Not thinking, 'okay hunt down the Amethyst', I believe it's important to browse all the crystals, take in the energies and choose a crystal that is drawing to you the most.

Now I know I may sound crazy, but it honestly works. The number of times that I have seen a crystal and thought ‘Yep that’s mine, it has to be’ and I just can’t put it back on the shelf has happened before. Or if I am indecisive but am really connecting with the crystal, I will put it back, browse the shop and come back to it, if the crystal is there then it is clearly meant to be, and if it’s not? Then it means it wasn’t meant to be.

Another way to choose your crystals if you are tossing up between 2 of the same is to close your eyes and hold each crystal in one hand, you then choose the one that is drawing to you the most, the one that just feels right.

I also understand that buying crystals online can be quite difficult due to not being able to physically see and/or hold the crystal you are interested in. If this is the case, then it is important to familiarise yourself with the seller. Check out their social media, and their content and figure out if that is your vibe, and if you are drawn to their energies. This will make online crystal shopping a lot easier for you. Another thing is to message the seller, talk to them and observe their language, and their words to get a sense of who they are as a person, and even ask them to send you a photo of the specific crystal that they have chosen for you. This is a great way to be able to see YOUR crystal that you will be receiving, then just the generic photos that are put online. 

*Please note I am more then happy for you to email me requesting photos of your specific order, I believe it is super important to ensure you are satisfied and connected with your crystals*