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Choosing the right crystal

If you are new to starting crystals or even if you have a whole collection at home, choosing the right crystal can sound quite daunting especially when there are so many to choose from. When choosing crystals there is no right or wrong way, you could choose a crystal based on its uniqueness, colour, shape or even based on their properties. Personally, my favourite crystal is Amethyst and I have always felt it was because my favourite colour is purple and because Amethyst had so many rainbows included. Once receiving my first Amethyst, I then looked it up and realised it was a crystal that I specifically needed at that point in time. I then realised I was so drawn to...

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Beginning your crystal journey

Have you recently shown an interest in crystals and are wanting to learn more in-depth about what they do? Well then, amazing! You are in the right place. Crystals are natural mineral formations that can be found around the world in all wonderful sizes and colours. To put it in perspective, there are so many crystals out there underneath our feet and they all vary in formation. Crystals are often used in spiritual and healing practices as they are believed to have metaphysical properties, for example, some crystals are said to help with abundance, some with love and relationships, others with protection and some with grounding. Crystals can be used for a variety of purposes, such as healing, meditation, and...

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